Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite Reduction at arasys clinic, cork

Arasys System -Inch Loss ,Cellulite reduction breaks down the fat deposits and improving skin tone. It  Guarantees visable reduction of cellulite .Would recommend a course of Treatments between 6-12 to get the best benefits for you .

Arasys unique galvanic waveform combats cellulite effectively.

Arasys research in cellulite Reduction is the most advanced in this area .

Cellulite Reduction prices

Cellulite reduction
Course of 10 x 25 minutes
Cellulite reduction
1 Treatment

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About Arasys Clinic

In operation in the Arasys Clinic, Cork for the last 20 years the revolutionary Arasys system inch loss, cellulite reduction, detoxification and body toning are now available to both men and women beauty salons throughout Ireland.

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